The Late Dear Santa Letter | 2013 Wishlist

This was supposed to be for Christmas but the season got too busy and I wasn’t able to post it in time for Santa to pick from my list.

Dear Santa,

Let me start by saying Hello and How Are You?
I may be too old to believe in things (you for example) and I’m not sure if I really do believe in you but I surely have a thing called “hope” and “faith“.

I remembered getting that sock filled with treats on our door when I was 6. And I wasn’t able to find the pair of it so I believed it came from you. I still thank you for that day.

Whether you are real or not, I do hope you keep making kids (and adults, too) believe in magic, in hope, in being nice and doing good (especially to others).
I will keep on being nice, just in case you want to send me the other sock’s pair.

I wonder when and where did the tradition of making wishlists began, but for some reason, it is always more fun to make them during Christmas time and in time for our birthdates. Maybe because the chances of them being granted is high? ;P

And now that it’s the holiday season, let me share with you my wishlist! Making lists are fun and it can motivate you to accomplish it yourself or who knows, a secret santa (or an angel) out there is generous enough to grant an item or two from your list.

It’s fun to see how my wishlist have transformed through the years. How some were eliminated to be replaced with better ones and how new things are added that I never thought I’d wish for or those little things that you have no idea on how it makes me happy like a little kid inside.

Here’s my share of the countless wishes that was prayed for last Christmas and for the rest of the 365 days of the year:

1. A pretty decent laptop that can accomodate my editing needs and I can bring with me anywhere or a MacBook Pro (kung pwede magpaka-choosy).| There are those moments I wish I could just pull-out a laptop and start playing with photoshop or play with words. Or just read on stuff in the interwebs. Okay, I admit. Play games too. ๐Ÿ˜›

2. 1TB External HD | I shoot crazy. I like to shoot. And an external HD would really be useful.

3. Praying for more opportunities for my blog this coming year | Hopefully, traveling and earning! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Illuminated Keyboard and Mouse | Because I spilled alcohol (not the drinkable type) on my keyboard, now some keys are not working.

5. Datacolor Spyder Calibration System

6. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch

7. Domain Renewal

1. Canon D20 Underwater Camera | I can’t deny that I love the seas. I can’t swim to save my life but yes, I am a water daredevil. I panic, I worry, I fear for my life but what the heck. I want to unleash the inner mermaid or shark in me.

2. Ultra Wide Angle Lens (eg, Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8) or an 85mm F/1.4 lens | Oh the photos I can take with a UWA lens. Just thinking about it makes me daydream of landscapes.

3. Sturdy camera bag for Yue | Bought myself a Benro Gamma 30 for Christmas, thanks to James for the gig he gave me!

4. Assorted Filters | I got a ND8 filter last Christmas!

5. Lomo LC-A+ camera

6. Instax Mini Films and camera films

7. Olympus OMD EM5 | Lugging around a heavy DSLR is not always fun. Like what I did here. So a pretty swell handy camera would be awesome.

7. Nikon D7000 | In case my venture into becoming an actual wedding photographer would become a reality, I’d love this camera to be my next upgrade.

8. Spare batteries for Yue

9. Nikkor 35mm F1.8/F1.4 lens

1. A reliable backpack | There’s no point in turning back from this travel trail I’m taking and I realized that I need a trusty companion a/k/a the backpack on my trips.

2. Hiking shoes or sandals, my eyes are on the Sandugo Helikon | I really really want to start trekking mountains. I may not be of my most fit condition and not to mention my ankles that tend to hurt when I’m walking long distances, I will not let this hinder me from reaching peaks and heights (literally).

3. Headware | I got one from my Secret Santa at work but unfortunately, it wasn’t the design I really hoped to have but still, I’m thankful.

4. Dry Bag

5. Trekking Pants

6. Nalgene Glow-in-the-Dark Water Bottle

7. Dri fit clothes

8. Tent pole replacement

1. Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver | YES, I really want this. My Doctor Who feels.

2. TARDIS collectible

3. Gloomy Bears for my collection

4. Barnes and Nobles Leatherbound books | Oh pretty, pretty books. I’m eyeing the Poe and Sherlock first!

5. Calligraphy Set | I really love my calligraphy pens and I want to try using dipping pens and various nibs.

So there, chances are this is more of a to-buy list than a wishlist. ๐Ÿ˜› Time to save up then!

How about you? What are on your 2013 to-buy list wishlist?

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