The Masa Effect on our way to Camiguin.

Here’s the Part 2 of our CDO-Camiguin escapade.

We got picked up at CDO airport at 6:30am. Still a little groggy put pumped-up for what was to happen that day. We were running on a very tight schedule. We only have the rest of the day to maximize our stay in Camiguin.

My CDO-Camiguin Travel Buddies – Lea, Vincent and April.
Took advantage of our free breakfast at Victoria Suites. Not being able to avail our accommodations there, a free breakfast is appreciated at least. Ate breakfast under 30 minutes with picture time included!
Traveled to Balingoan Pier to take the roro heading to Camiguin. Road travel time takes about 2 hours, our driver amazingly made it for about an hour and a half (talk about time pressure!). I really can’t recall what happened for the entire road trip — I might’ve had amnesia. NOT. It was just the MASA effect.

What is the MASA effect? It is simply MASANDAL TULOG. Hahaha! And the four of us had it altogether during our entire trip to Balingoan. Mga kulang sa tulog eh.
First time to take a roro. There were kids asking us to throw coins into the water and then they’ll dive for it. I was secretly envying deep inside. Sana ganun din ako kagaling lumangoy! *cries in the corner* 
I was excited about the roro ride but when it began to sail — slooooooooooow. I’ve imagined roro rides to be slow but not terribly slow! -___-” I got bored staring at the endless stretch of water in front of me. People-watching wasn’t an option to unbore either and the masa effect was not on.
I didn’t know why but I wasn’t able to take any photo of our accomodation in Camiguin. /fail. Paras was an awesome place to stay! And try their sizzling bulalo! It might not be the best but it tasted very good to me!
Plus they gave us welcome drinks (I think it was four seasons juice) and a little souvenir!

I’m not yet done editing the photos of our Camiguin tour! So there will be a Part 3!!

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