The New, Fun Wave.

L-R (clockwise): Farah, Ian, Lee, Me, Jai, Paula, Issa and Enny. The most sabaw group ever!

So I started my new work last May 23rd and everything was suprisingly inneresting.

New people. New faces. Different backgrounds. This should be fun. First week was spent in on-boarding training. It was the longest welcome week I had. Haha! A little bit anxious to know which team I will belong to, who will be the people I will be working with — I guess I’m quite lucky, I just had the best group of people to work with in the coming days.

Second week. Our formal training began. Our workflow is quite challenging but just bring it on! :)) So far, I’m having a blast with these people! Even though my shift is 3pm to 12mn, hence us being sabaw already by our dismissal, I am having fun (well, for now). Let’s see after a few more weeks. LOL.

And I moved my travel posts to my travel blog: Travelista | Litratista
Pahiyas was still my last getaway and I am already itching to visit a new place. I can’t wait for the paycheck!!

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