The One That Got Left Behind

… that would be US.

We weren’t able to ride our flight to CDO, booked another flight that emptied our pockets, wasted work leaves, 4 hours sleep and I will not do that thing ever again (well, for now).

We were supposed to leave Manila at 2PM. This would be my first time to ride a plane under a different name, well, last name in this case (no! I didn’t marry anyone at the last minute, LOL). I was kinda nervous of the idea of us replacing those who backed out in the trip but hey, this was a travel opportunity.

Also my first time to travel with an itinerary in print. It was fun to have things arranged for you but I prefer a half-planned, half-spontaneous kind of trips.


July 22
325PM pickup at CDO airport
Dropoff at Victoria Suites
Free day

July 23
Breakfast at hotel
630AM pickup at hotel, private van transfers to Balingoan pier (2 hours travel time)
Take Roro to Benoni pier (1 hour travel time/ P175 per person)
Pickup at Benoni pier, transfers to Paras Beach Resort
Countryside tour: Ardent Hot Springs/ Katibawasan Falls/ Macao Cold Spring/ Taguines Lagoon/ Santo Niño Cold Spring/Tausan Falls/ Gui-ob Church Ruins/ Sunken Cemetery/ Vulcan Daan/ Tangub Hot Spring ( total of 8 hours)
* actual sites to be visited will be dependent on schedule and route. Entrance fees and meals are excluded.
White Island boat trip- best done after 3:00PM as the island doesn’t have any shade (option to do this on day 2)

July 24
Early breakfast at Paras Beach Resort – please inform the resort of your orders
Take 530AM ferry to Balingoan pier ( 1 hour travel time/ P175 per person)
630AM pickup at Balingoan pier, transfers to CDO city proper ( 2 hours travel time)
830AM transfers for Whitewater Rafting adventure

• You will be dropped off at the airport after rafting

We only have more or less 2 days to spend in CDO-Camiguin but make that a day and a half. No more free time to roam in CDO. Why? — We got left behind.

Thanks to that airline company’s lack of good service. /sarcasm HINT: ORANGE!
Charge such bad incident to experience nalang (kahit naimbyerna ang lola nyo). Hehe.

We have no choice but to get another flight, 4am via CebuPacific. *ka-ching* Goodbye Php 2800 for a one-way ticket to CDO. My wallet just cried.

After wasting our Friday away with almost-empty pockets, we spent the rest of it bantering about what happened over 4 movies and a lot of food hence I was awake for almost 24 hours. The only time I caught some Zzz’s was on the plane.

And finally!!

Hello City of Golden Friendship! I came in peace, adventure and sabawness (from the lack of sleep). You have no idea what we went through just to finally see you.

The adventure begins in CDO in my next post! 🙂

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