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I’m a notorious crammer when it comes to packing. I know, I never really learned. However, I am quite confident with my packing skills and already established a list of my travel essentials. It’s safe to say that I haven’t left any important item that I need during my trips.

Well, except for that time I forgot my toothbrush.

It’s a given that clothes are of top priority when packing. So ensure your tops, bottoms, intimates, and footwear are all set and inside your bag.

Then, what’s next? Read on to see my list of travel essentials:

travel essentialsMy Travel Essentials

1. Carry-On Bag

Aside from your trusty backpack or luggage, you will need a light bag that you can carry anywhere and stuff the items that you just can’t part with. I use a TNF 4-in-1 bag that works well for me as it fits my camera + other stuff.

2. Camera/s

A camera is definitely a travel essential. I often bring my Fuji X-M1 with me but on some days, my Nikon D7000 takes over.

3. Action Camera

For those activities that you want to document, especially underwater. 😉

4. OTG/Data Storage

I got myself an OTG for my iPhone way back when my storage was only 32gb and it’s indispensable to me since then as it’s where I store movies/tv shows that I can watch while on the road. You can also use it as a flash drive. By data storage, this also includes extra memory cards for the cameras.

5. Powerbank

So, so important. I own a 20,000mAh Romoss powerbank that I bring with me everywhere.

6. Tripod/Monopod

These tools became my best friends during my solo travel last November. You would also need it for your action cameras.

7. Carabiners

I can’t leave without one because it is really useful for me. I can hang stuff on it and use it as a makeshift lock on my bag.

8. Swiss Knife

I got a swiss knife as a gift from my godparents some years ago and it hasn’t left me since. The only instance that I leave it at home is when I don’t have a check-in baggage as sharp objects are not allowed for carry-ons.

9. Wallet/Purse

My trusty ol’ coin purse. Here goes my bills, coins, and my rosary.
And you can see that I also have a little carabiner on my purse’s keychain.

10. Medicated Oil/Liniment

I also can’t leave without these especially the one in the white container (I still don’t know what it’s called). Great for headaches, dizziness, and sore relief.

11. Card Case

To store my IDs and cards. Always take an ID with you every time you travel!

12. Cords and Connectors

Keep them organized with a wire holder. I also keep them inside a little ziplock bag for waterproofing.

13. Power Adapters

I got myself a three outlet power adapter and it’s so useful especially when you’re staying someplace and only one outlet is available for use. Pop the adapter and you now have three at your disposal. You can easily get one from hardware stores or you check out fg express power strips.

14. Extra Batteries

Needed for those long trips and a power source is not always available.

15. Waterproof Cellphone Case

Well, to keep your phone safe when doing water activities or during rainy days when you’re on the road.

16. Earphones

I can’t live without it. It’s an introvert’s bestfriend. Also a good substitute for ear plugs.

17. Notebook + Pen

Nothing beats the good old pen and paper when it comes to jotting down thoughts, reflections, travel plans, etc.

TIP: Insert a pack of silica gel on your camera bag/case to keep them dry and moisture-free.

18. Backpack/Luggage

If you see yourself traveling often, then it’s a wise decision to invest in a good backpack or luggage. I can vouch for Deuter and Conquer brands to have reliable and sturdy backpacks. I can’t wait for the day that I can get my own Osprey backpack.

19. Scarf/Sarong

You can use this a blanket or for head protection against the sun.

20. Water Bottle

Getting your own water bottle is better for your wallet and for the environment as well.

21. First Aid Kit

Don’t forget to bring your meds in case needed while traveling.

22. Insect Repellent

We don’t want our trips getting ruined by itchy insect bites.

 23. Toiletries

Don’t forget the basics! I also can’t leave without my alcohol and wet wipes. And oh, sunblock too! (Even though I always get too excited that I often forget to put some on.)

 24. Ziplock Bags

To waterproof clothes, items, or to store wet garments.

 25. Bag Tag + Padlock

I’ve noticed that most neglect bag tags when it’s actually something very important, especially in the unfortunate event that you misplace or lost your bag. Padlocks, on the other hand, are for the safety of your bag’s contents.

 26. Headscarf/Headware

A notable must-have on this list. Why? Because it’s so useful. I can use it as a head cap, a face mask, head band, neckerchief, a hair tie, a wristband and a lot more. I own three of these already.

 27. Drawstring or Eco Bag

To hold extra baggage, pasalubongs, laundry, etc.

 28. Microfiber Towel

It’s one of those must-haves as well if you always travel. These towels are really compact and lightweight, super absorbent and quick-drying. Towelite’s the brand that I use.

29. Smart Phone

It’s a no-brainer, a smart phone is really a must have. It helps in keeping you connected with your loved ones, can store your travel documents with the help of travel apps, and of course, take pictures with! This is why the OPPO F1S is a travel essential, especially if you’re a solo traveler like me who likes to take snaps of the places I’ve been to and also for taking selfies while I’m at it.

The OPPO F1s boasts of its 16MP front camera (for the selfie shots of course!) and a Selfie Panorama feature so you won’t need to worry about not having your travel destination in the background. The 13MP rear camera is also great for night shots.  Check out my 10 Favorite Photo Editing Apps 

It runs on an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM which means it’s fast and multitasking will be a breeze. It’s perfect for the on-the-go traveler who works or blogs while on the road. Just like me!

30. Snacks

And last but not the least, albeit not in photo, it is IMPORTANT to bring snacks with you everytime you travel. Be it biscuits, chips, fruits, energy bars, or candies, just make sure that you pack some before you leave. Always remember that a hungry (or should I say hangry) traveler is never happy!

And that’s it! I hope this travel essentials list can help you while you pack for your next trip. Happy Travels!


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