UnBoxing: Accutone Aquarius

I have been pretty blessed with for a good streak of time now and other than food and travel, I have a special place in my heart for music. Music saved me way back in college when I was in a bad track. So I owe music that much, especially My Chemical Romance. Their music was my saving grace. πŸ™‚
I have an eclectic taste in music. One day I can listen to musicals, the next I can go all the way punk rock. I love playlists like this one from 8tracks. It’s good for perk me up mornings. And I also love music recommendations, so give me some? πŸ™‚
Someone may have heard that I love music so look what arrived in the mail!
What a wonderful sight of lime! πŸ™‚ Say Hello to the Accutone Aquarius. It’s an in-ear headset with remote and microphone.
Who wouldn’t love a pretty packaging, yes? I am always easily pleased aesthetically.
Was never an avid fan of in-ears because I’m scared they’ll get lodged up inside my ears.
The Aquarius is known as a hi-fi headset for smartphones. It comes in 6 vibrant colors — light blue, purple, pink (for the girly), orange, white (for the minimalist) and lime green. They are such eye candies! 
It has a plastic body with high gloss “jelly” finish that makes it look like those affordable generic earbuds. I’m a little doubtful of its durability but we’ll see. I’m still giving the “do not judge a book by its cover” a chance to prove me wrong on the Aquarius.
It has a built-in microphone so you can toggle from music listening to making calls in your smartphones. The microphone is housed in an aluminum grill for a superb sound transmission.
It also features a rotary volume control that is unlike the others. I have a small problem with its volume level though, I usually need to push the volume up for me to fully enjoy my music.
It comes with two more pairs of silicon earbuds, a cable winder and a nokia phone adaptor.
I had a hard time picking which earbud should I use because it could get uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit your ear well and I am still adjusting to it because I get discomfort every now and then from prolonged usage.

I really like the chrome finishing plug!
My verdict on its sound quality *DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN* — SUPERB SWEET SOUNDING PIECE. All caps for emphasis. This baby is more than what it seems. The plastic build may deceive you but boy does it please my ears. You can clearly tell the vocals from the instruments and I love my music/audio movies and books loud and clear, the Aquarius made it more enjoyable for me! Accutone really meant it when they put in print that the Aquarius delivers a superb balanced audio output.
There. All I can say is, the Accutone Aquarius didn’t fail. Don’t let its candy-looking appearance fool you! It’s a power-packed headphone that delivers quality! 

Clearly enjoying my Accutone Aquarius. Excuse the dubious look on my eyes. Haha!
Listening to your favorite beat is more fun with a good headphone! The Accutone Aquarius is priced at Php1,800 and available at the following stores: Astrovision, Power Mac Center and Rustan’s Department Store.
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