Vivid Dreams


I didn’t go to work today. Is it good? Not really.

I have been having problems with my sleep for a while now. My body clock is completely wrecked. So I have decided to finally try Sleepasil again (tried it only once before and it worked alright), for the past three days I’m on Sleepasil and only the first night I was able to sleep well. And also I’ve been having vivid dreams or also known as lucid dreams that as per Wikipedia it is “a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming“. Yep, and I’ve been having sleepless nights because of it. I dreamt about a crush from 4 years ago, another person from the past, a family that got close to me, Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera and DJ Mojo Jojo. Crazy right? All the sleeping I’ve been doing were just naps and they’re not even power naps. Eventually the body gave in earlier today and I had the worst of headaches. Just really needed the sleeptime to keep me functioning well specially when I need it to work.

So I’m kicking the Sleepasil off tonight and will just try to sleep normally *finger-crossed*, Adele’s Someone Like You lulled me to sleep this afternoon so I will try it again later.

A friend suggested I should try drinking tea instead. We’ll see, I should go grab some this weekend.

Any tips you know to help me sleep? I would really appreciate it!

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