When Are You Gonna Start Your Own Adventure? Get Out More Now!

Some adventures just begin unexpectedly (just like mine) and it just went on and on.. but hey, the world is out there waiting for you to start your own adventure! How? Well, just GET OUT MORE!!

BPI just started their new campaign, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, PHRS and ZestAir, and they want to encourage everyone to Get Out More (well, I encourage you too!) πŸ˜›

And with their new campaign, you can also make your own 30-sec video showcasing your own adventures around our amazing Philippines and share it to inspire others to get out more!

Just visit http://www.getoutmore.ph, upload your photos, click preview and voila!

You can upload 10 photos that corresponds to the Get Out More manifesto — See, Feel, Dive, Fly, Explore, Get Lost, Wander, Experience New Things, Live With Adventure, It’s More Fun!

I made a video and will share it with you as soon as it processed and sent to me. πŸ˜€ Making the video made me look back on all the adventures and trips I had and it made me feel thankful for all of it. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to get out more and explore! World, watch out for me coz’ I’m going to explore you!

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