When the going gets tough, sometimes you break down.

It is unusually me to be this pessimistic.

Me, the Little Miss Sunshine I thought I am, also gets the time of her life wherein a suckerpunch from nowhere hits me directly on my weak spots. And god, do I hate such times.

So hello, here I am again on a battle with myself regarding my short attention span when it comes to work. I really never learned the fact that I was never made to sit on a cube for 8 long hours and do the same thing over and over again. I never really learned that. And now I feel like suffocated again with work. πŸ™ I hate it. Plus now there is more pressure at work, I can’t go on my own comfortable phase and adjust to everything because there’s do this do that pronto. Gah. When will I ever enjoy work? Or when will I ever find the work that I’ll be the happiest? *sigh*
What’s left to motivate me now is the fact that I’m earning and my friends at work. Other than that, I do not know anymore.

As to a more personal phase of my life, I am rather very very stressed lately. And I just want to get out from it. Sometimes no matter how you put your mind over the matter, it is soooo hard. But I am trying to remain composed, I just wish I can keep this for long.

And I have been struggling with my sleep for quite some time now. It’s not good at all. Eventually I have resorted to taking sleeping aids. I have been on Sleepasil for 2 days now, so far it is serving it’s purpose but I’ve been experiencing its one of its side effects which is having vivid dreams. Not really fun. Dreams are interesting but I keep waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes it’s hard to go back to sleep again. My ruined body clock sucks.

Now there goes my rant. Sorry if this isn’t such a refreshing thing to see. I guess you can lay me off for now. I swear to give a better post next time. And a little more sunshine-y. πŸ™‚ Trust me on that.

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