Where it all started.

It probably started when I found that someone I could randomly ask to go here and there and initiate a foodtrip — and not to mention shoot photos.

Way back 2008 was when I indulged myself more in photography, not knowing what things I really wanted to shoot (aside from random things), I started to bring X to meals and the “shoot first, then eat” ritual came. More establishments added to the list and blogged. It gave me this feeling of satisfaction (mostly from the eating) but it made me wanted more. The desire to taste the gastronomic treats Manila has to offer. “IT HAS TO HAPPEN.” I said to myself.

And so I started reading, researching and the wanting tremendously grew. But the pictures got me more hooked. I wanted to have my own version. I want to try them all.

I personally like hole-in-the-wall places as they are interesting and in a way to me like a girl who smirks upon a thought of a deep, dark secret. There is always something special to them. I like things in their unconventional way – it is always an opportunity to discover something new.

From food, it expanded to places.

Cebu is my second home. The family visits it every year during summer and me (together with the mother) frequented at a rate of 4-5x/year on weekends (thank you seat sale!). Every weekend spent in Cebu was always a getaway for me.

Then one summer vacation came in 2009 and it felt magical. Usual summer activities in line plus a little surprise came in between.
I was able to try jetskiing, had ridiculous tan lines, ziplining (even upside down!) visited a zoo and actually enjoyed it and had my dose of foodtrips along the way.
And I felt the calling of the sea (it was this urge to dip my — but I don’t even know how to swim. *facepalms*

That marked it. Then I had this fidgety feeling that I had to have another one. I just have to. I needed to. I wanted to. The travel bug just got me and spread the virus all over me. (I actually checked my foot for moles – “baka kaya nagging gala ako dahil may nunal ako sa talampakan. Kaso wala.”)

Then an idea of special occasions celebrated minus the pansit or spaghetti but in an unfamiliar place with the intent of experiencing and tasting something new. That dream came into picture, crystal clear.

Went to Subic with my officemates, Bohol with the boy and the family and a few more sidetrips to Cebu.

And then my heart got broken. It took me on a crazy emotional revolt.
I never thought a heartache would make you know yourself more and make better choices in life.

That’s when I stepped up a notch. It would be a good way to get over a first major heartbreak. I’d rather travel than spend a weekend locked up in my room trying to overcome the urge to be depressed. LOL.
I spent a few days in a –BER month with my highschool friends in Baguio.

And so 2011 came. I am greatly thankful for having the best mother I could ask for. She supports my antsy soul who loves to travel and somehow, I’m infecting her with the virus too.

Baguio was the jumpstart destination for the 1st week of January 2011 – when the news said the temp was going 8°, the family just had to say yes.

From there, it went haywire. 3rd week of January I had to spend in Cebu for my annual Sinulog fix. The weekend after, Cebu again with the officemates. Tried the sky adventure and had the best time of my life.

Then came 2nd week of February – Davao and Kidapawan. Tickets bought by the mother from a seat sale 10 months ago.

Traveling is a tiring and not to mention, sometimes expensive passion. But there’s a lot more to that for me. It’s like the surge of adrenaline in my bloodstream that is unexplainable.

I should say i’m very lucky to have the mother who just says “sige, schedule mo naman sinusunod natin eh” whenever I announce seat sales to her. She’s my constant travel buddy. I’m aiming to save for an asian cruise with her or at least share expenses so that she and The Three Musketeers can go to at least HK Disneyland.

And now while I’m at work, I take breaks reading itineraries, travel blogs, browsing photos, waiting for seat sales, planning for incoming trips. Truly, my mind’s been occupied by this wanderlust.

I can’t wait.
Iloilo next weekend.
And then Bangkok for my first trip abroad.

I think I should regularly check my sole. Just in case I grow an unexpected mole.

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