You Are Meant To Get Wet in Boracay

Take it from my little sister.

Boracay is a treasure chest of water activities. Island hopping, Helmet Diving, Parasailing to name a few. And yes, all three checked on my to-do list (thanks to my mother dear! :P).

DAY 1 – Island Hopping

We got out Island Hopping tour from Allan B Fun Tours located in Station 3 for 700/person (if I remember it right), it includes the snorkeling gear, a visit to Crystal Cove (entrace fee not included), buffet lunch and a trip to Ilig-Iligan beach.

It was fun to feed the fishes with bread. But saltwater will forever an enemy of my eyes. ;A; Heh seeing some people float on the water while snorkeling, makes me think that they’re attempting to do planking on water. Hehe. πŸ˜›
It wasn’t the peak season yet I noticed that there were a lot of people snorkeling, just imagine the crowd if it was the peak season, it’s a sad thought. I feel sad for the fishes. πŸ™

Next stop was Crystal Cove. You have to pay for a separate entrance fee, I think is was 450php/person.

You get to go on two coves. It was a fun experience to crawl ourselves toward the cave. πŸ˜€



Next was Ilig-Iligan Beach! There was another 30min alloted for snorkeling. And I asked for the boatman to get us some starfishes!! I was immensely happy seeing Patrick Star in his true form, hehe. πŸ˜› You can tell by look on my face. Giddy!

I enjoyed too much in Ilig-Iligan since we have it all to ourselves! Yay for non-peak seasons!! We had fun with the seaweeds, not just simple fun but crazy kind of fun. The pictures are evidences but it is too shameful to post. Haha!

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