Your Girlfriend is a Gumiho..uh wait, no, she’s a Traveler.


She daydreams her workday away on the beach, with the waves crashing through her feet and the fine sand on her palms. Next day, she’s jumping cliffs on her thoughts (and she doesn’t even know how to swim) while she’s slaving to save up for her next big adventure.

Date a girl who travels. Date the girl who loves the sun rays kissing her skin while she’s out exploring. She who wanders away to see the beauty of  a place in her perspective, be it a paradise or the ruins, she will see the pretty even in the ugly.

Date the girl who got struck with the wanderlust. She will fumble through her maps and might get lost sometimes but that’s where the adventure starts. Date a girl who travels, she will wear out the sole of your shoes from walking distances but she will fill your soul more than you can imagine.

Join her as she stress herself away in drafting an itinerary but ends up not entirely sticking to it — because she’s spontaneous like that. She will always be up to trying new and different things (even the one that scares her), so be there to join her. You may have tried it before but it will be a different experience with her.

Suggest her places you can go, watch the sparkle in her eyes as she gets hyped up and research about it. She will tell it over and over again how excited she is until your date of departure. She will be restless and might not be able to sleep the night before, ask her if she packed her things and nothing is missed, she will be relieved. She will also experience post-weekend depressions afterwards. Do cheer her up.

Date a girl who travels. She’s a lakwatsera, but she’s yours. She will be more than happy to take you places and explore what it has to offer. She will take you to peaks, to the bluest waters, cheapest eateries, to places that will make you appreciate life more. Time will seem to fly faster as you have fun. Savor every moment, take a lot of photos, don’t hold back every laugh, tear up if it gets too much. These are the things that she will show you. A part of her life and a part of the world. You’ll get tired from the long bus rides, have pressure in your ears, get bad service, try bad food but it will all be worth it. You will sleep at night from a day’s exhaustion but will be filled with contentment because traveling with her is not just being with her but it’s your own adventure as well, only shared.

She will keep your spirit alive. She’ll make marks in your lifeline that you will never forget. You will grow with the world as you both travel. You will always have something to look forward to, be it your next destination or her stories from her trips because she will never run out of it.

Date a girl who travels. She will take you for the adventure of your life.


Why Should You Date a Traveler?

I have tried to put up a few reasons on my post above but I got curious as well so I asked D instead,
“What did you get from dating a Traveler?”

Here’s what he gave me:

“Di ko lam kung ang mga sasabihin ko ay dahil sa ikaw ay isang travel blogger or simply just cause you’re awesome. πŸ™‚

You appreciate/see beauty even when there’s chaos/every kind of pollution surrounding you. I think you, being a nomad (yes, he calls me a nomad already and hates the fact that I’m a fair-skinned nomad haha!), exposed ka with every walks of life. Na-appreciate mo yung mga simpleng bagay. At pag nakakita ka ng isang magandang bagay, it easily outweighs every cons.

SIGURO dahil sa pagiging travel-er-ist mo, nadevelop pagka-cowboy mo. Maybe its just me, pero I think pag nagtravel ko sa iba’t ibang lugar, its only natural na tikman mo delicacies nila. May it be fine-dining or streetfoods. (And I eat, a lot.)

Tas what I always like pag nagttravel ka, yung energy mo. Kahit you’re so far away, ramdam ko kasiyahan mo. It’s really nice everytime I see/feel that you’re euphoric. Travelling does that to you.

Syempre, pag ang partner mo sa buhay e travel blogger, dapat kada balik may pasalubong/souvenir, or better yet, long hugs. (Cheesy!) Pag bumibisita ka sa ibang lugar, kahit hinde pa ako nakapunta dun, feeling ko nakapunta nako.

Dating a traveler + blogger makes you adventurous, discover your Dora side. Syempre di naman pwede siya lang ng siya ang magttravel. Mas masaya kung as a couple you travel. Not only you grow/mature/develop as you travel, you also learn new things about your partner. Kung mas prefer nya ang e-fan room kesa sa aircon. Kung mas prefer nya ang window side kesa sa aisle side. Little things that can only be discovered on the spot. πŸ™‚ (This part up to the end just made me smile.)

What’s fun having a nomad, meron kang nilu-look forward to na event. Laging merong bago. Sa inyo, sa kwentuhan nyo, sa lugar na bibisitahin nyo, laging meron. Di mauubusan. πŸ™‚


And now it’s the month of Love again (I still don’t like Valentines Day that much, haha!), why not try dating a traveler? I can assure you it’ll be fun. πŸ™‚

Go date a Traveler, but not me, I’m already someone’s Traveler date. β™‘ Happy Hearts’ Month!

This is my entry to this month’s Pinoy Travel Bloggers’s Blog Carnival hosted by Lauren Gaile with the theme “Why You Should Date a Traveler“.

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